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Publishing job posts

We do not publish jobs related to the folowing:

  • Gambling
  • Trading
  • Banks
  • Crypto
  • Drugs, Alcohol and tobacco
  • Weapons
  • Defence
  • Adult industry
  • Movie industry
  • Strip Clubs
  • Night Clubs
  • Music industry
  • Fashion
  • Bars

Thank you for your understanding.

For posting more then one job on jobatic using xml feeds please provide an xml file using this structure and send it to contact [at sign] jobatic [dot] com
You need to have an account for posting if not signup here

XML feed structure v1.3
XML feed example

Feed basic elements

<?xml>yesXML Declaration.<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<source>yesThe root node for the XML feed document.<source></source>
<feed_date>yesThe date on which this feed was first generated.format dd/mm/yyyy<feed_date>19/02/2021</feed_date>
<publisher>yesthe organisation name that generated this xml feed.<publisher>Some HR group</publisher>

Job Elements

<reference>yesA unique identifying number for this job. We use this element to identify each job. should be an integer.<reference>8752335</reference>
<company>yesThe hiring company name to be displayed in search results.<company>Microsoft Corp</company>
<company_url>yesThe hiring company website url to be displayed in search results.<company_url></company_url>
<company_logo_url>yesThe hiring company logo url to be displayed in search results (webp/png/jpg only maximum 120x120 pixels).<company_logo_url></company_logo_url>
<title>yesThe job title, maximum 255 characters.
Note: Do not include other types of information such as employment type, job location, job descriptions, copies, or headlines.
<title>Senior C/C++ developer</title>
<street_address>yesThe street address of the job’s primary work location. Please include the street name and number.
Note: Do not include the city, state, and postal code.
<street_address>beverly valley road 2, Building 1A</street_address>
<city>yesThe city of the job’s primary work location.<city>London</city>
<postalcode>yesA valid postal code (zip code) in which this job is located.<postalcode>4789-123</postalcode>
<state>yesThe state in which this job is located. states list<state>california</state>
<country>yesThe country in which this job is located. countries list<country>usa</country>
<job_type>yesThe type of this job. job type list<job_type>fulltime</job_type>
<work_hours_per_week>yesThe amount of work hours in one week for this job ( integer [1 - 60] ). <work_hours_per_week>40</work_hours_per_week>
<experience>yesThe desired experience for this job. job experience list<experience>Entry level</experience>
<category>yesA comma separated list of job categories, used to aid job seekers when searching.<category>Software,IT,Databases,AI</category>
<remotetype>nothe option to specify whether this job is remote. Please include one of the following: Fully remote, COVID-19 ,WFH Flexible (US ONLY)<remotetype>Fully remote</remotetype>
<salary_amount>yesThe salary amount ( should be integer > 0 ).
for salary range add a dash between min and max values example "100-500"
or <salary_amount>500-1200</salary_amount> for range
<salary_currency>yesThe salary currency in ISO format. currencies list.<salary_currency>usd</salary_currency>
<salary_duration>yesThe salary duration (year, month, week, day, hour).<salary_duration>year</salary_duration>
<application_url>yesThe job application full URL with the http(s):// protocol.<application_url></application_url>
<application_email>noThe job application email (not recomended better a job application url).<application_email>[email protected]</application_email>
<description>yesThe description for this job listing. Ensure the information in the description matches the details on the job application url page. Note: Job descriptions require HTML formatting. For a list of supported HTML elements, see Formatting Guidelines.<description> some description in few paragraphs </description>
<publish_target_date>yesThe job publishing date in the future, format dd/mm/yyyy.<publish_target_date>22/04/2021</publish_target_date>
<publish_duration>yesThe amount of months the job should remain published. [1-12] months<publish_duration>4</publish_duration>
<budget>noFor paid promotions only, the amount of money invested in promoting this job per day (integer [2-99], no currency symbols). see our rates<budget>40</budget>

Formating guidelines

We expects you will use the same HTML formatting from your website when you provide job descriptions in XML.
Note: We do not support escaped HTML entities. For example, use < instead of <.
Supported tags include but are not limited to the following examples:

<b> Bold
<h1> to <h6>Headers
Note: Text in header tags transform to consistent sizes when displayed on job pages.
<br>Line break
Note: we automatically inserts line breaks between paragraphs.
<ul>Unordered list (bullets)
<li>List item
<strong>Strong text (bold)
<em>Emphasized text (italics)
<table>, <tbody>, <th>, <tr>, <td>Simple tables

Countries list and currency list

United statesusausd
United kingdomukgbp

Job types list

Full-time40 hours a week +
Part-timeless then 30 hours a week
Contractorexternal contractor
Temporarylimited in time
Internshipmostly for students
Volunteercharity work
Per diemshifts
Otherother types

Work experience list

None required0 years of experience
Internship3 to 6 months of experience
Entry level1 to 3 year of experiences
Associate3 to 5 years of experience
Mid-Senior level5 to 7 years of experience
Senior level7+ years of experience
Executivefor CEO, COO, CTO ...

Common issues

The following problems can cause a rejection of your XML feed.

Incorrect special character encodingCheck the feed URL using the “view source” function in your browser and ensure special characters such as brackets (< >) show up correctly.
Jobs feed data different from the jobs url on the hiring company websitePlease make sure that the feed data is consistent with the job final url where applicant will land.
Incomplete or empty job descriptionsInclude all text related to the job. For example, “required qualifications” may be a separate category in your database, but it should be included in the <description> field.
Jobs that are scams or suspected scamsWe work to exclude suspected scams. Ensure that positions have well-written descriptions. If submitting jobs for another company, vet the company to ensure that it is legitimate and the listed jobs are actual open positions.

Promotion rates

The basic rates for 24 hours is $2 per job posting.