Resident Attendant

locationSainte-Thérèse - Quebec (QC),

atSélection Retraite

Job Description:

    Job Details
    The Resident Attendant is responsible for performing various tasks related to the supervision, hygiene and well-being of residents.

  • Attends to the comfort, well-being and general needs of residents in accordance with the facility's standards;
  • Establishes a helping relationship with residents, reassures and listens to them;
  • Ensures the quality, safety and efficiency of care and service;
  • Follows up on delivered care; reads the logbook and the care log;
  • Identifies the needs of clients and answer their questions;
  • Gains the trust of residents and approaches them with a smile;
  • Recognizes the signs and symptoms of disorders (psychological or physical behaviour);
  • Identifies and takes note of any change in residents' physical or psychological behaviour and reports observations to the nurse;
  • Adapts communications, as needed, to ensure residents understand; verifies that residents understand;
  • Provides support to loved ones of residents experiencing autonomy loss;
  • Responds to call-bells or all other emergencies;
  • Helps residents get around, transports them within the residence and accompanies them outside the establishment;
  • Installs certain equipment and ensures availability, maintenance and proper functioning of equipment and materials;
  • Provides partial or complete personal hygiene care for residents;
  • Visits residents who are ill;
  • Orders residents' prescriptions from the pharmacy and ensures prescriptions are renewed for residents that use a medication distribution service;
  • Prepares trays and distributes medication as required;
  • Liaises,
if necessary, with residents' family and/or health institutions;
  • Keeps a list of resident emergency arrivals and departures;
  • Verifies attendance at meals, calls absent persons or goes to their apartments;
  • Brings a light meal to ill residents who are unable to get around;
  • Informs the director of any situation involving an administrative or health change;
  • Records in the logbook any notable events during the shift;
  • Prepares medical visits, in collaboration with the nurse;
  • Assists with breakfast service;
  • Performs various housekeeping tasks in common areas;
  • Takes phone calls from reception and forwards messages to the appropriate individuals;
  • Conducts safety rounds and ensures exterior doors are properly closed and locked.

  • Focuses efforts on residents' needs and satisfaction;
  • Interpersonal communication skills, ability to listen;
  • Autonomy, team spirit;
  • Openness, human warmth;
  • Empathy, therapeutic distance;
  • Ability to analyze, good judgment;
  • Respect, punctuality, reliability, discretion.

  • High school diploma;
  • Successfully completed PDSB, CPR and first aid training;
  • One (1) to two (2) years of experience;
  • Has knowledge of the laws respecting residents' rights;
  • Has knowledge of the signs of autonomy loss;
  • Has knowledge of hygiene, sanitation and safety practices;
  • Has knowledge of infection prevention practices;
  • Has knowledge of CPR and the principles of safe patient handling and movement;

  • NOTES:
    We thank all candidates who will apply, but only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

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