Sessional Instructional Assistant - MAT102H5S Intro to Mathe...

locationMississauga - Ontario (ON),

atUniversity of Toronto

Estimated salary $46.92 an hour

Job Description:

Date Posted: 12/11/2020
Req ID: 2214
Faculty/Division: UofT Mississauga
Department: UTM: Math/Comp. Sciences
Campus: University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM)


  • Course number and title: MAT102H5S - Intro to Mathem Proofs
  • Course description: Understanding, using and developing precise expressions of mathematical ideas, including definitions and theorems. Set theory, logical statements and proofs, induction, topics chosen from combinatorics, elementary number theory, Euclidean geometry.
  • Estimated course enrolment: 730
  • Number of positions: 2
  • Size of appointment: 50 hrs
  • Sessional dates of appointment: January 1, 2021 - April 30, 2021
  • Salary: $46.92/hour
  • Minimum qualifications: Completion of several mathematics courses with high grades. Demonstrated understanding of the course material and beyond. Strong interpersonal and communication
  • Preferred qualifications: Teaching experience preferred.
  • Description of duties: Will include some of the following: running tutorials, marking, invigilation, office hours, preporatory work, and other duties of administering the course.
  • How to apply:
  • Closing Date: 12/14/2020, 11:59PM EDT

    This job is posted in accordance with the CUPE 3902 Unit 3 Collective Agreement.

    It is understood that some announcements of vacancies are tentative, pending final course determinations and enrolment. Should rates stipulated in the collective agreement vary from rates stated in this posting, the rates stated in the collective agreement shall prevail.

    Please note: Undergraduate or graduate students and postdoctoral fellows of the University of Toronto are covered by the CUPE 3902 Unit 1 collective agreement rather than the Unit 3 collective agreement, and should not apply for positions posted under the Unit 3 collective agreement.

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