Physician Assistant, ICU

locationBarrie - Ontario (ON),

atRoyal Victoria Regional Health Centre

Estimated salary $42.80 - $50.36 an hour

Job Description:

Job Description:

The primary role of the PA will be to provide direct clinical services for critically ill adult patients, under the supervision of the ICU attending physician or designate. The PA will provide this care using evidence-based clinical practice standards and will adhere to established protocols. All activity will be under the direct supervision of an Intensivist and within the RVH Medical Directives.


  • Secondary School Diploma or Equivalent
  • Undergraduate Degree
  • Certified PA Program
  • Physician Assistant Certification – Canada Mandatory
  • BCLS and ACLS


  • Preference will be given to candidates with experience in Acute or Critical Care


  • Integrate all the core PA competencies to provide optimal, ethical and patient-centred medical care
  • Perform a complete and appropriate clinical assessment of a patient and formulate a clinical treatment plan
  • Use preventive and therapeutic interventions effectively
  • Demonstrate proficient and appropriate use of diagnostic and procedural skills
  • Recognize their scope of practice while demonstrating effective and appropriate consultation practice with other healthcare professionals in respect to patient care, education and legal opinions
  • Strong prioritization skills and adapts quickly to change
  • Accountable with sound decision making, interpersonal, and communication skills
  • Self-directed and able to respond changing demands

Clinical and General Responsibilities

  • Perform comprehensive assessments, make differential diagnoses, order appropriate testing, coordinate and plan the management of ICU patients
  • Support the ICU intensivist on-call by participating in daily clinical rounds, performing patient examinations and helping complete daily ICU patient documentation
  • Conduct ICU survivor follow-ups through the post-ICU discharge clinic
  • Support all research and quality
improvement projects in the ICU led by our care team through activities such as patient screening and recruitment, securing informed consent and data collection
  • Provide leadership and actively participates in the ICU development, evaluation and quality improvement
  • Transfer patients out of the ICU to improve flow and access to critical care beds. This can include transfer summaries, orders and handover to accepting physicians.
  • Be able to have discussions with patients and families with regards to end of life care and resuscitation wishes
  • Communication:

    When/as directed by a physician:

    • Provide relevant information and explanations, including a proposed treatment plan, to the supervising physician and seek further direction where appropriate.
    • Provide education to patients, families and other health providers as appropriate to the clinical setting.
    • Communicate with other members of the health care team and other hospital departments, both orally, in writing and electronically.

    Medical Documentation and Record Keeping

    • Maintain clear, accurate and appropriate records of the patient encounter and management plan
    • Admission of notes, progress notes and discharge notes as needed
    • Dictated records as appropriate
    • Consultation requests
    • Transfer notes
    • Face Sheet
    • Other types of documentation as required by the particular setting

    Consultation with Multidisciplinary Team:

    • Collaboration with all aspects of the ICU team including (but not limited to) physicians, nurses, clerical staff, technicians, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, social workers, patient representatives and administrative staff to provide optimal care for patients.

    Collaboration with Affiliated Services (including Regional Sites)

    • General Internal Medicine and Hospitalists
    • Emergency Department
    • Medical Subspecialties
    • Surgery
    • Radiology
    • Pathology

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