Coordinator, Cargo Services

locationIqaluit - Nunavut (NU),

atCanadian North

Job Description:

Ref. # C246245

Position(s) Available: 1 (Full Time)

Closes 2021/03/23

Other Details: 7F, Reporting to Manager, Cargo & Ramp, Rotational Accommodation Provided, 3-weeks on 3-weeks off

Level: As per the Unifor Collective Agreement

  • In accordance with the Unifor Collective Agreement
Skills and Qualifications

Include, but not limited to, the following minimum skills and qualifications:

  • Must possess a High school diploma or equivalent related work experience i.e. warehouse, forklifts, customer service industry, etc;
  • Must have 1-year cargo operational background with experience in freight office operations;
  • Previous supervisory experience required;
  • Must be a high school graduate or equivalent related work experience;
  • Must be knowledgeable of cargo handling and processing procedures;
  • Knowledge and experience of loading and load control on company aircraft;
  • Weight & balance knowledge and experience necessary;
  • Knowledge of Canadian North’s Cargo Computer Program, Cargo Ramp Procedures Manual and Sabre;
  • Must be familiar with handling of dangerous goods and be able to obtain and retain a dangerous goods handling certificate;
  • Must hold a valid driver’s license;
  • Demonstrated strong communication, organizational, problem solving & interpersonal skills;
  • Ability to accomplish multiple tasks in high pressure, high volume environment;
  • Proven customer service skills;
  • Ability to communicate in Aboriginal Languages considered an asset;
  • Forklift
driving experience;
  • Must be able to obtain and retain a "D" towing permit and radio license;
  • Ability to communicate in Inuktut a definite asset;
  • Ability to obtain and retain an Airport Restricted Area Identity Card in accordance with the Airport Restricted Area Access Clearance Program regulated by Transport Canada;
  • Rotational Accommodations provided.
  • Duties and Responsibilities

    Interested candidates should be able to perform the following duties and responsibilities:

    • Provide input into Employee scheduling and assignment, on the job training and instruction;
    • Ensure that Company policies and procedures are adhered to, and deviations to same shall be reported to management;
    • Assist passengers with mobility and special needs;
    • Assist with claims for damaged or missing goods;
    • Maintain records as required;
    • Record flight arrival and departing times;
    • Conduct radio communications with the aircraft;
    • Process weight and balance and load control data;
    • Issue Airway Bills and process sales reports for deposit;
    • Disseminate information;
    • Process shipment and reception of all cargo;
    • Initiate claims resulting from missing and damaged cargo;
    • Perform load service duties;
    • Handle all cargo;
    • perform service for aircraft on the ground including De-icing;
    • Perform all warehouse related duties;
    • Assist Customer Service Agents if so required;
    • Perform commissary duties;
    • Assist with reconfiguration of aircraft as required;
    • Other duties as assigned.

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