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atGovernment of the Northwest Territories

Estimated salary $24 an hour

Job Description:

Job Information

The GNWT supports northern post-secondary students in their pursuit of a higher education by offering summer employment opportunities across it’s departments, boards and agencies. Under this program, students gain valuable work experience to enhance their employment prospects upon graduation.

Northern post-secondary school students are hired as casual employees between April 15 and August 15. During this time, students are given a higher priority over non-student applicants for casual positions.


To be eligible for the program, a Summer Student must be a current resident of the Northwest Territories and meet ONE of the following criteria:

  • They are being accepted to attend full time post-secondary studies at the start of the fall or winter semester.
  • They are completing a semester of full time studies at a post-secondary institution within the four months prior to applying under this program.

The applicant must also fall within one of the following designated groups:

  • Is an Indigenous Aboriginal Persons
  • Is an Indigenous Non-Aboriginal Persons
  • Is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident; and is considered “Ordinarily Resident to the Northwest Territories” for at least 1 year immediately prior to the start of his/her program with a designated post-secondary institution.

How to Apply

1) On or after December 1, go to the Current Openings on the GNWT Careers website and select the Summer Student Employment Program job opening.

2) You will be required to answer some questions along with submitting the following documentation:

  • A cover letter and a current copy of your resume;
  • Proof of Affirmative Action Status;
  • Proof of acceptance in a post-secondary institution. This can include:
    • a copy of your acceptance letter; or
    • a copy of your College or University transcripts; or
    • a receipt of payment for tuition from the College or University you are attending.

It is recommended that you include these along with your cover letter and resume document in order to help streamline the application process. Otherwise please submit this proof directly to [email protected] You will receive another notification once you have been registered for the program, or if additional information is required.

3) Proof of Affirmative Action

Status, if applicable, includes the following acceptable documents:

Priority 1 (Indigenous Aboriginal Persons):

  • Copy of treaty, Métis or beneficiary cards
  • Letter from Aboriginal Organization you belong to

Priority 2 (Indigenous Non Aboriginal Persons):

  • Enrollment History from Education, Culture and Employment (ECE) (request from [email protected] and include your date of birth in your email), or
  • NWT Birth Certificate

Documents Accepted for proof of Priority 2 (Resident Disabled Persons):

  • Medical certification for disability

4) You will be contacted by a hiring department if a potential match is found.

Helpful Hints for your Application

To be considered for summer employment opportunities, your cover letter and resume MUST INCLUDE the following information:

  • Your field of study (Education);
  • The type of certification (Diploma/Degree) you will obtain on completion of your study;
  • The number of years you have completed in your program thus far;
  • Your updated contact information including:
    • your email address,
    • phone number,
    • address at school, AND
    • your permanent NORTHERN residence address;
  • Your home community; and
  • The communities you are interested in, and willing to work in, for the summer.

Upon receipt of all required documents, students will be registered in the database and an email will be sent to the applicant by the Student and Youth Recruitment Officer indicating all documentation is received and on file completing their registration.

Students are encouraged research the GNWT to find departments, boards or agencies with units and divisions related to their field of study. They can approach managers directly, indicating they are interested in working with them. Hiring is based on the individual needs of departments, boards and agencies, and as such hiring managers will contact students directly if an opportunity arises.

For more information on the Summer Student Employment Program and eligibility, please visit the GNWT Careers Website.

GNWT Inquiries

Inquiries Only:

Management and Recruitment Services
Department of Finance
Government of the Northwest Territories
Yellowknife Centre 5th Floor
P.O. Box 1320 Yellowknife NT X1A 2L9
[email protected]

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